"There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good"
- Edwin Derby

HuskyTHON is an ever expanding philanthropy that has grown and thrived at the University of Connecticut since the very first “Midnight Marathon” held in 1999. Morale, we believe, is an integral and inexplicably important part of the foundation that makes HuskyTHON a continuing success. The Morale Team is made up of a small group of individuals who are considered leaders not only on the night of the event but throughout the entire academic year leading up to it. We expect our morale captains to attend practices to learn the morale dance in the months leading up to HuskyTHON (don't worry we won't judge you on your dancing skills). Morale captains will then accompany the management team in teaching the dance throughout the night. In addition morale captains will help run various games and activities going on each hour, and will contribute to the overall good spirit and morale that, let's face it, we all need reminding of when 4 or 5 am rolls around.

The position of morale captain has become increasingly more sought after and competitive, and we love that so many amazing students want the chance to be involved. That being said, we will be looking for approximately 125 of the most energetic and HuskyTHON obsessed students we can find! These 110 people will be part of a more cohesive unit than they have been in the past, and will be held to a higher standard of responsibility. For example, we will ask morale captains to be more involved in tabling throughout the fall to raise awareness about HuskyTHON, dancer week and Miracle Walk, and Game Nights at Connecticut Children's Medical Center. We also have higher expectations for our morale captains in regards to fundraising, asking that your goal be $300. Overall we want students who will use their love for HuskyTHON to inspire others to dance and raise money not just for 18 hours but for the entire year. If you feel like this describes you, we hope that you consider applying to be a Morale Captain for HuskyTHON 2015! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Derek Litts or Mackenzie Lowers. We look forward to reading your applications!

Derek & Mackenzie

Congrats To The 2014 Morale Captains:

Alessandra Valcarcel
Alexander Westlund
Alexandra Arendt
Alexandra Liner
Alexandra Rice
Amanda Good
Andrea Joaquim
Anna Hack
Ashley Bull
Ashley Kendrigan
Ashley Northcutt
Audrey Medeiros
Benjamin Schneck
Brett Young
Brian Sonnenberg
Brittany Wang
Cara Lockwood
Carly Davis
Catherine Boyce
Catherine Virola
Chelsea DeTuccio
Chelsea Paquin
Chelsey Nalaboff
Chris Pinto
Claire Crespo
Colin Plant
Collette Pozuelo
Connie Bowman
Connor Rabideau
Craig Malmut
Crystal Torraco
Dan Gibson
Danielle Gionfriddo
Delilah DiCioccio
Devon Holloran
Elizabeth Burgess
Emily Thompson
Erica Yaglowski
Fiona O'Donnell
Gabrielle Natter
Hannah Fillmore
Holly Sponza
Husein Becirovic
Jackie Bell
Jackie Weiss
Jacqueline Lombardi
Jaelyn Morgan
James DiNello
Jamie Mierzejewski
Jamie Waring
Jenny Clark
Jeremy Hatfield
Jessica DeMaio
Jessica Franco
Joe Cassidy
Jonah Ferro
Jordan Kennedy
Juliana Collins
Kacie Wells
Kaitlyn Harrison
Kaley Beauchamp
Kathleen Raftery
Kayla Bleau
Kayla Kamerer
Kayla Michelson
Kelsey Conrad
Kelsey O'Donnell
Kelsi Thorsen
Krista Hespeler
Kristen Shanle
Lainie Soler
Laura Brin
Laura DiBenedetto
Lauren Almonte
Matthew Jadovich
Max Oh
Megan Melville
Megan O'Leary
Michael Tarantino
Monica Tedla
Noveen Delaram
Olivia Stickles
Patrick Rowley
Patrick Smith
Perry Trachten
Rachel Buck
Rachel Ochs
Rachel Wice
Rebecca Rogers
Reilly Lynch
Ryan Albrecht
Ryan Rudewicz
Samantha Carroll
Sameer Laul
Sarah Birdsall
Sarah Guenzburger
Scott Morrison
Stephanie Sales
Susan Keene
Sydney Roberts
Sydney Rowe
Taylor Barbieri
Tyler Sibley
Valerie Stickles
Victoria Taylor
Victoria Wickenheisser
Xenia Zueva