Meet our Management Team

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Katie Butler & Laura Roosevelt
Co-Executive Directors

We are SO excited and honored to serving as Co-Executive Directors for HuskyTHON 2015! This is a movement that has changed both of our lives for the better and we're committed to helping make miracles at Connecticut Children's, as well as providing campus with an incredible opportunity for us all to come together for a common cause. We're in charge of overseeing our amazing 30-person Management Team and looking at the big picture of HuskyTHON to make sure everything comes together to give the kids, as well as our fellow UConn students, a life-changing experience. You can find us taking turns being the one to calm the other down when things get crazy, camping out for hours in the SOC, and rocking the morale dance in hotel rooms.

Maddie Love
Vice President of Communications

As Vice President of Communications, I oversee media relations and manage the internal and external marketing initiatives. With the help of my incredible Communications team made up of the Social Media Director, IT Director, and Creative Director, we work to promote HuskyTHON through social media, press releases, and other advertising efforts. Some say that we are the "faces" of HuskyTHON because we help maintain the HuskyTHON brand and work with other positions to promote their projects, (and partly because the Comm team is really, really, really ridiculously good looking). Some of my interests include the perfectly crafted Tweet that's under 140 characters, making press releases, creative hashtags, funky Instagram filters, and communicating endlessly about HuskyTHON to the general public.

If ya don't know, now ya know #comm

Steph Orts

As the creative director for HuskyTHON, I get the privilege of adding color and imagination to all things that are FTK. As a Digital Media & design and marketing double major, I am enjoying taking my passion out of the classroom and putting it towards a cause as great as this one. From designing the new HuskyTHON logo, to all the flyers and posters, I have been able to challenge my creativity while helping the kids.

Jordan Ginsberg
Social Media

As the social media director for HuskyTHON, I am in charge of all that is social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it. I work with the other wonderful members of the communications team in order to promote HuskyTHON and our year long efforts to spread awareness, and gain involvement. My favorite hobbies include flooding people's newfeeds with anything and everything #FTK and taking on the challenge of fitting important information balanced with emojis and hashtags all in 140 characters.

@HuskyTHON... I'll follow back ;)

Jamie Buck

As the Director of Technology, I focus primarily on the HuskyTHON website. As a Digital Media & Design major, focusing on web & app development, I took this year to completely recreate this site! It was an incredible learning experience and took a lot of effort, but it's all For The Kids! I also coordinate and control all night-of technology needs.


Community Relations
Kelley Huber
Vice President of Communnity Relations

As the Vice President of Community Relations, my task is simple - getting people besides UConn students excited and involved with HuskyTHON. Albeit easier said than done, I find this challenge to be one of the best parts about HuskyTHON. Working with the CR Directors, our team has made great strides in getting more people involved in this UConn tradition, from collaborating with Susan Herbst and elected politicians in Connecticut, to involving everyone from faculty to local elementary students in fundraising and mini marathons. If you know a UConn student dancing in HuskyTHON and want to get involved yourself, we're the team to call!

Nichole Aquino

As the Director of JonaTHONs, I oversee the brand new JonaTHONs Committee! We reach out to schools all over the state to spread the word about HuskyTHON and to encourage them to host events to help raise both funds and awareness for our event. We work with them to plan fundraisers and, in some cases, even their own mini dance marathons!

Sydney Souder & Morgan Turner
Campus Involvement

As Directors of Campus Involvement, we get the entire UConn community involved in HuskyTHON. We speak to faculty and administration to help engage as much as the campus as we can. Our goal is to make HuskyTHON a true UConn tradition.

KC Philpott & Renée Fredette
Hospital Relations

As the Co-Directors of Hospital Relations, we are in charge of communicating with Connecticut Children's Medical Center and Grateful Patient Families. We make sure that they know details of all of our special events and HuskyTHON and make sure that their needs are met when they attend these events. Additionally, we coordinate bi-montly Game Nights that occur at the hospital and, along with Scott Organek, are the advocates for Connecticut Children's Medical Center, patients, and families on the Management Team.

Jess Solotruk
Vice President of Fundraising

As Vice President of Fundraising, I am the chief financial officer (CFO) of HuskyTHON. I am responsible for all of the money raised and keeping track of it through Donor Drive and our SABO account. I also reconcile various spreadsheets, track the progress of all teams and participants, and contribute to fundraising efforts. I constantly work on the budget and make sure that all bills are paid on time.

$ Peace $ Love $ Fundraising $

Molly Leahy

I am in charge of setting up & organizing canning to raise money for HuskyTHON and CCMC. Those who are interested in canning can reach out to me so that I can set up dates for them at local supermarkets. Canning is a form of public solicitation and it is a fun and easy way to earn a lot of money quickly. All money you raise goes directly to your donor drive and counts towards your personal total! Contact me if you are interested in getting a canning date set up.

Ashwini Joshi & Justin Fleischacker
Corporate Sponsorship

The Co-Directors of Corporate Sponsorship are responsible for companies' donations to HuskyTHON, including both local and larger corporations. Through the support of these companies, corporate sponsorship encourages the entire community to make a difference For The Kids.

Chris Mulhall & Ryan Profetto
Donation Management

We are responsible for all things money-related! We work with our Vice President of fundraising, Jess Solotruk, to make sure all income (cash/check/online donations, merchandise sales, canning money, etc) is verified and accounted for. The employees of the Student Activities Business Office (SABO) are our best friends, and you can also find us at our weekly office hours in the Student Organization Center. We also work closely with fundraising representatives, and address any issues people may have with Donor Drive.

Allison Cui
Strategic Fundraising

As HuskyTHON's Director of Strategic Fundraising, I'm here to help each and every one of you meet (and even exceed) your fundraising goals! We understand that it may not be easy to raise $300, $100, or even $50, but the Management Team will be there each step of the way, thinking of and posting fun and creative ways to help you save and raise money for the kids at Connecticut Children's Medical Center

Katelyn Weber
Vice President of Operations

As Vice President of Operations, I plan the logistics for our 18-hour Dance Marathon. I work with the directors of catering, entertainment, volunteers, and special events to make the night amazing for dancers, grateful patient families, and for the kids! We hope you'll be there too!

Gretchen Egan

I am so thrilled to be the Director of Catering for this year's HuskyTHON! I deal with everything related to food regarding this amazing philanthropy. Whether it be getting donations for recruitment events, special events or fundraisers I'm the one to go through! I have organized and put on our annual pasta dinner, and I am also responsible for setting up a time-table of meals, snacks and beverages for the night-of event itself! This means feeding over 2,000 people every few hours, with the help of some volunteers and Dining Services as well. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding anything food related FTK!

Bryan Kamens

As Entertainment Director, I am responsible for providing the entertainment to keep the dancers, kids, and HuskyTHON attendees engaged and excited to be there. It is my job to book and organize all of the inflatables, activities, games, performances, and music that will be available the night of HuskyTHON. While a lot of our entertainment comes from generous off-campus donors, many performances that you will see come from our very own student groups on-campus. If getting involved and providing entertainment for everyone participating in HuskyTHON is something you'd like to do, I'm the guy to reach out to!

Joe Rosano & Lauren Weaver
Special Events

We extend the HuskyTHON experience beyond the 18-hour dance marathon itself. Throughout the year, we have a Miracle Walk fashion show, ZombieTHON Dash of the Undead and all-you-can-dance ZumbaTHON! Our events build awareness of HuskyTHON and help raise money to go towards our overall total.

Andrew Bi

The Director of Volunteers is responsible for recruiting and organizing the many people who donate their time and efforts to volunteering for the night of HuskyTHON. The Volunteer Director must work with all other members of the Management Team, especially those who utilize HuskyTHON volunteers, to be able to adequately allocate the correct number of volunteers to the different events that occur throughout the night of HuskyTHON. He or she has to be able to stay organized and focused as HuskyTHON nears and clearly convey to the hundreds of volunteers their responsibilities and time shifts for the fantastic 18 hours of HuskyTHON.

Alyssa Pelletier
Vice President of Recruitment

As Vice President of Recruitment, I lead the team in creative ways to recruit participants for the 18-Hour Dance Marathon. My main goal is to get the entire campus involved in HuskyTHON and spread the word about what our cause is all about! Through Dancer Week, Registration Week, and smaller recruitment initiatives, I work with the recruitment team to implement new ideas so all of campus gets involved and takes a stand, FTK!

Mike McLachlan

I am in charge of keeping our alumni in the HuskyTHON loop. I am also in charge of engaging our alumni, planning alumni events, and developing a plan conducive to future growth and involvement.

Meredith Patenaude & Cassi Dahms
Dancer Relations

We are the two amigos that will provide you with anything you need to know about HuskyTHON. From t-shirt colors, to how many snacks you should bring, or the number of times you need to change your socks on the night of - we're your go - to girls! Over the past three years we have danced a combined total of 108 hours for the kids. We want to finish our fourth and final HuskyTHON on a high note and go out with a bang. In order to achieve this, we took on the role of Co - Directors of Dancer Relations so we could reach out to as many people as possible and get them involved in this life changing event. We can't wait to dance with over 2,000 UConn students and make miracles happen in 2015! If you want to help the kids and hang out with some pretty cool people (us) don't be afraid to email, facebook, twitter direct message, linkedin connect or send us a carrier pigeon. We love dancers. And relations.

Derek Litts & Mackenzie Lowers

We've chosen 107 of the most qualified, energetic Morale Captains for us to work with throughout the year. Together we will inspire and train them to assist in recruitment and retention of Dancers. Morale Captains will take part in recruitment activities such as flash mobs, fundraisers, and social media promotions/contests. In the second half of the year, we will teach them the Morale dance which they will perform every hour on the hour the night of HuskyTHON and relay to the rest of the participants. It is our job to utilize Morale Captains throughout the year in order to assist recruitment and continue HuskyTHON's growth on campus. Morale is the backbone of HuskyTHON's energy the night of as we will ensure everyone is always on their feet, having a blast FTK!

Nicki Cartier

I have been a patient at CT Children's since I was 5 years old. For those of you who have participated in HuskyTHON before, you have probably heard me share my story at some point. It is hard to describe how amazing HuskyTHON is- I guess you just have to experience it for yourself to fully understand how AWESOME it is!!! I have had the pleasure of being a part of every HuskyTHON since 2007. As a 10 year old all the way to last year as I stood on stage at the age of 17, I was always amazed to see so many dedicated college students who for one night stood for 18 hours for a cause so near and dear to my heart. Last year, a few days after HuskyTHON, I put my deposit in to attend UConn starting this fall. Coming into freshman year, I was sure of one thing- I wanted to be a part of HuskyTHON. I've been lucky enough to be a part of the Management Team this year and see this wonderful night come together. This year I will dance with the rest of you for 18 hours, to help other kids who are still fighting to overcome their medical obstacles. Who knows, maybe the children we are dancing for might end up being a part of HuskyTHON as college students themselves one day. I know you guys have had that impact on me. So, thank you, and let this year be the best one yet!!

Forever FTK