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HuskyTHON consists of way more than just one dance marathon! Check out Miracle Walk, ZombieTHON, and ZumbaTHON too!

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Sign Up As a Dancer, or a Spirit Dancer! A Spirit Dancer gives alumni the opportunity to attend HuskyTHON, without the commitment of staying for eighteen hours. While we encourage all of our alumni to sign up as regular dancers, we are implementing this new option to our alumni as well! Spirit Dancers still fundraise, attend the event, receive an alumni t-shirt, and are given a wristband for access to food.

Alumni Testimonials

If there is one thing you realize almost immediately about HuskyTHON, it is that enthusiasm and positivity are contagious. I first participated as a freshman in 2008, and I was hooked. I was nervous about standing on my feet for 18 hours the first time, but seeing the excitement of the Kids and Families we danced for at the actual event inspired me to hang in during the tough hours in the early morning.

HuskyTHON has changed my life, as I'm sure it has changed many of yours. Spending three years on the management team taught me many things, but spending three minutes listening to the story of a child from CT Children's has taught me just as much. What I have walked away from HuskyTHON with, and what I hope other students will gain, is the mentality to be absolutely relentless.

If there is one aspect of my undergraduate career that makes me smile every time I reminisce, it is HuskyTHON. As a student currently pursuing a career in medicine, I have seen first-hand how important donations like ours are to non-profit hospitals like CCMC. I recently applied to volunteer there and during the orientation, we were informed that the hospital relies on donations to continue their mission.

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