Each year, HuskyTHON inspires UConn students to get up and dance. They dance for the laughter, for the tears, for the memories, for the miracles, and for the kids. And while they dance, they raise hundreds thousands of dollars every year for Connecticut Children's Medical Center. But what if it wasn't just UConn students dancing?

We are excited to bring HuskyTHON to schools all over the state through our JohnaTHONs program. Our committee of dedicated students will work directly with schools to bring awareness to HuskyTHON and Connecticut Children's and help them plan their own fundraisers or even mini marathons! High school and middle school students, with the help of their teachers and advisors, get to plan their events from start to finish while learning valuable lessons and having tons of fun along the way!

I hope that you'll take the time to look at everything JohnaTHONs have to offer and consider joining the program! This is more than just a way to raise money or to make HuskyTHON a household name. It's a way to bring a fun and exciting event to your schools and build school spirit. It's motivation for your students to be a part of something big and to give them perspective of the world around them. Most importantly, it's kids helping kids to make the world a better place. And there is something truly special about that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HuskyTHON?

HuskyTHON is a year-long philanthropic effort at the University of Connecticut to raise funds and awareness for Connecticut Children's Medical Center, a Children's Miracle Network Hospital. This effort culminates in an 18 hour dance marathon spanning a full weekend during the spring semester, where thousands of UConn students come together to dance for those who can't. HuskyTHON is entirely student-run and our management team of 31 undergraduate student leaders is working tirelessly to make HuskyTHON 2015 better than ever before.

HuskyTHON is one of the top 10 dance marathons in the country and the largest Children's Miracle Network Dance Marathon in the Northeast. Now entering its 15th year, HuskyTHON has raised over $1.7 million dollars for Connecticut Children's, making it the second largest fundraiser for the hospital. HuskyTHON 2014 raised over $457,000 and we hope that 2015 will be even more successful.

What is the JonaTHONs Program?

The JonaTHONs Program was created for HuskyTHON 2015 to involve schools all over Connecticut in our efforts to raise both funds and awareness for the Hospital! Our JonaTHONs committee works with students to plan and host events or fundraisers at their schools, ranging from $1 Pajama Days to their very own mini marathons!

How does it work?

Just contact our Director of JonaTHONs or fill out the interest form below to get started! There are no fees or requirements to be a part of the program - all you need is some excited and motivated students, an advisor, and permission from the school! If you have your own idea for an event or need ideas for something that will work for your school, our committee will be there to help every step of the way to make it happen.

I don't know if we can participate for 2015, but what if I'm interested for next year?

No problem! Feel free to contact us anyway for more information on how to get started and we can start working with you now to help set up something in the future. HuskyTHON is a year-long fundraiser, so we're always looking ahead!

Are there any restrictions on schools that can participate?

Nope! We are happy to work with any school that expresses interest in the program. Whether we are working with elementary schools, middle schools, or high schools, we will find an event that is appropriate for your students. As long as there is a teacher or faculty member willing to serve as the advisor and the school has given permission for us to work with you, we'll be there every step of the way!

What kind of resources do you offer?

We have many resources from Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, from fundraising ideas to workbooks for planning mini marathons. We also have dozens of dedicated UConn students who have a vast range of experiences in event planning, fundraising, recruitment, and communications who will be working with schools to plan the best events possible!

Why should our school participate in the JonaTHONs program?

Our program is a great way for your students to get involved with a cause that they may feel passionately about. Many of your students may have friends or siblings that have been to Connecticut Children's, and may even have been patients there themselves. Working with our JonaTHONs program is a great way to give back and to raise awareness for the children who rely on fundraisers like HuskyTHON. It is also a great way for your students to gain valuable experience outside of the classroom and have a ton of fun planning a great event!

To show our thanks, your school will be featured on our website for all our visitors to see. Your students will also be invited to HuskyTHON on March 7th to present their check in front of thousands of UConn students!

What is a mini marathon?

If your school is interested in planning a mini marathon, our Director of JonaTHONs will work closely with students and faculty alike to help get your event started. The structure and details for a mini marathon may vary greatly from school to school, but HuskyTHON will work to help create the event that works best for you and your students.

What are some other fundraising ideas?

Check out this list of fundraising events.

Congratulations to our very first JonaTHONs Committee! We're looking forward to an amazing year!
Alicia Benjamin
Juliana Collins
Kelsey Conrad
Carly Davis
Hannah Fillmore
Danielle Graff
Sarah Knapp
Stephanie Laprise
Kerstan Mahland
Katie Bentivegna
Hope McMorran
Megan Melville
Gabrielle Natter
Chelsea Paquin
Allison Rescsanski
Melissa Windover
Sofia Martone

If you are interested in getting your school involved with HuskyTHON, have any questions, or would like more information, please contact our Director of JonaTHONs, Nichole Aquino.